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Approach Guides Wine’s unique approach to wine selection, in our opinion, makes it the best wine app on the market. Both Approach Guides for iPhone and iPad are fixtures on Apple’s App Store “Essentials” for the Pocket Sommelier category.

But don’t take our word for it (or Apple’s). Here are some of the reviews.

Wine app reviews from the pros

The Age
“This app features many Australian wines and will appeal to the more discerning wine aficionado. With comprehensive notes on specific wine areas and a vintage guide, you can search for a wine by preferred style, grape variety or appellation.” Read the full article

Netted by the WebbysNetted — a free daily email publication that harnesses the collective wisdom of the Webby Awards to uncover the online tools that make life better, easier, and more productive — had this to say about Approach Guides Wine:
“The app doesn’t focus on specific producers or brands unlike other pocket sommeliers. Instead, they use regional strengths and accurate descriptions so you can make your own decisions. Put simply, it makes buying wine about discovery again.” Read the full article

Mashable's 10 Wine Apps“This is a great app for wine drinkers who don’t know specifics about which wines they want, but have a sense for what they’re looking for.” Read the full article
- Jeana Lee Tahnk, Mashable, “10 Apps for Wine Enthusiasts”

“This app provides the perfect way to discover the quality and diversity of Chilean wines. Intuitive and easy to navigate, we hope it allows people to experience why Chile has been called a viticultural paradise.”
- Lori Tieszen, Executive Director, Wines of Chile USA

“If you’re ‘friends’ with Approach Guides on Foursquare, you’ll see a ‘tip’ from them whenever you visit a restaurant they’ve been to. Each tip recommends a specific bottle of wine with a short description about it.” Read the full article
- Matt Duckor, NBC New York

“…the Approach Guides wine app helps end users make an informed, educated guess to select an appropriate bottle of wine.” Read the full article
- Wines from Spain Newsletter (Fall 2010)

“If picking a wine at the dinner table in front of your boss causes your heart to race or if you’re a geek like me and just want to make sure your wine choice is correct, then this wine app is for you.” Read the full article
- Adrienne Turner,

“Approach Guides is a seemingly endless catalog of wine organized by style, grape, and region…” Read the full article
Cafe Tecumseh, Volume 2, Issue 4 (Summer 2012)

“Check out this new iPhone App for choosing wines that you might not be so familiar with. You can navigate through any restaurant wine list or retail shop like a professional.”
- Brendan, Bar Veloce wine bar

“If trying to find a new wine is intimidating to you, this easy to use iPhone app will set you at ease with it’s refined, concise interface and graphics. It focuses on fundamental criteria to find you a great glass of wine, whatever your taste may be … AppSafari Rating: 5/5.” Read the complete review
- Amanda McFarland,

“…it really is one of the best wine references that you can get on the iPhone app market.  This can help you to actually know what you are talking about when you and your distinguished friends get together to taste different wines”. Read the complete review
- Apps

“If you love wine, and want to know what types of wine to buy when at a store or restaurant, this is a great app for you as it is easy to use and easy to navigate.  Don’t ever get caught not knowing what kind of wine to get as this app makes it easier than ever for you to do just that.” Read the complete review

“Drinking wine while traveling the world is a fun way to learn about a country and its culture. But how do you choose from a list of wines printed in another language with grapes or appellations that are unfamiliar to you? Baby boomers traveling to Italy and Spain now have a secret weapon — Approach Guides Wine app for iPhone and iTouch (works with iPad too)”.  Read the complete review
- Donna Hull, “The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Travel”

Approach Guides Featured

“Compulsive (and compulsively informed) travelers, the Raezers are the masterminds behind the downloadable Approach Guides, which are filled with a university course-worth of history and insights for 62 destinations worldwide. WHY WE LOVE IT The Raezers share our desire for deep, well-researched information on the wonders of the world.” Read the complete review

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