Discovering Wines from Spain’s Balearic Islands

While most of the wines from the Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera; located off the east coast of Spain) are nothing to actively seek out, the distinctive, full-bodied manto nero grape variety is an exception to this rule and worth trying. We would recommend wines from the Mallorca’s Binissalem DO, specifically. If you are looking for a white, try the local prensal blanc grape which yields light, herbal white wines.

Map of Spain's wine regions

Map of Spain’s wine regions

About the Balearic’s Binissalem DO

Created in 1991, the Balearic Islands’ Binissalem DO is located on Mallorca, occupying the center of the island.

  • Vineyards. Vineyards sit on a flat plateau at elevations of 250-300 meters.
  • Soils. A rich topsoil of sandy alluvium covers a limestone and clay base; the limestone is critical as it absorbs much-needed moisture for the vines during the island’s dry summer months.
  • Climate. The climate is mild and Mediterranean, with relative stability in intra-day temperatures.

Red Wines

Binissalem is oriented toward red wines, which account for 60-70% of total production.

  • The best reds are based on the indigenous manto negro, which accounts for nearly 40% of total vineyard planted area; all of the denomination’s red wines must include at least 30% of this variety. They are well-suited for extended aging in oak barrels; there is a wide selection of wines at crianza, reserva and even gran reserva designations. They are bold wines with smooth tannins.
  • The denomination also grows cabernet sauvignon, callet, tempranillo, monastrell, syrah and merlot. They are typically blended in varying degrees into manto negro-based wines to add tannins, body and aromatic complexity.

White Wines

Despite its red focus, Binissalem delivers some quality whites wines.

  • The best are based on the indigenous prensal blanc (aka moll), which represents approximately 60% of total white production. Generally simple wines made for immediate consumption, they nevertheless reveal pleasant white fruit aromas and subtle flavors of green apple, ginger, honey, almond and herbs.

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