Wine Education & Staff Training

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Continuing wine education for staff

Supplement your in-house wine education and cost-effectively train staff on the fundamentals of wine with the Approach Guides wine app for iPad and iPhone. One of the most respected wine guides on the market, the Approach Guides wine app offers comprehensive notes on the world’s wine regions, appellations, and grape varieties, and also includes a vintage guide and regional maps. The app presents information so clearly that it makes building a deep understanding of wines easy.

Approach Guides key differentiator is that it focuses staff on what really matters: information to help customers choose a bottle of wine. Questions like “I prefer wines from Sancerre, what do you recommend?” or “What is the difference between cabernet sauvignon and syrah” become easy to answer. Approach Guides also provides vintage ratings and food pairing suggestions to help staff recommend appropriate wines.

Wine app for wine education and staff training


  1. Educational resource that provides detailed information relevant to making recommendations and helping customers.
  2. Staff can create personal tasting notes and mark their favorite wines. Vintage ratings and food pairing suggestions help with recommendations.
  3. Flexible training tool that doesn’t require an internet connection, so staff can study anywhere, anytime. Let us show you a custom wine app
  4. Include your wine catalog in the app to further complement your staff training(additional fee).

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